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Who is Courtney, of Courtney's Content Services?

Hi, I'M Courtney!

I live in Ohio, where I have lived for about 98% of my life, mostly in the Central and Southwestern regions of the state. I spent time in North Georgia while I was going to college in Toccoa Falls, which I highly recommend if you are ever down that way and need a place to visit (especially if you're a Band Of Brothers fan!)

Customer service and helping others has always been at the core of my personality and passion, everything I have done as a career or study concentration had something to do with helping people. It makes me happy, fills my heart with joy, makes me feel successful, and I get a little flutter that maybe I helped to change the world a tiny little bit each time I am able to help.

Helping female entrepreneurs became a more recent passion, and I found that those women are usually helping other women, and by me helping them to stay in their zone of genius and joy, the impact has a ripple effect. I just love that!

Being a female entrepreneur usually means you have a lot of juggling going on, either with kids, multiple streams of income, running a household, living up to a mountain of expectations, and managing the opinions of about a zillion other people. That's enough to make anyone want to quit and just do what other people say is a "safer" and "smarter" idea. They have no idea, and I know that. How many times have you been asked "how's that little business of yours going?" with a little grin and voice that is saying they are expecting it to be failing?

You're not alone on that one sister, I can promise you that. I hear all the time how much women are trying to balance life, work, family, personal health, mental health, and about ten other things. That happens to anyone, whether they are owning and running a business or not, but it's especially true when you add all the hats of business ownership to being a woman in general.

I specialize in taking tasks off of to-do lists so that female entrepreneurs can stay in that zone of perfect bliss doing what they love for the people they are passionate about. I write, organize, design, and assist with a number of different projects to make sure that woman has more time to play with the kids, get some pampering, take a course to help her in an area she needs to grow in, or just breathe!

I've been a teacher, college instructor, massage therapist, nanny, maid, server, door dasher, administrative assistant, studio manager, wireless tech support rep, sales rep, makeup artist, photographer, athletic trainer, billing specialist, store replenisher, care giver, business owner, virtual assistant, copywriter, graphic designer, hiring specialist, cashier, and more! If it is a job, I have probably done it at one point or another. I've moved over twenty times as an adult, and I am not done moving yet, but you know what else? I love every bit of seemingly disconnected experiences I have had, because they all revolve around people and helping, and growing in some way.

If you think I can't relate to you or help you in your business, let's just talk friend. I bet I can, and you can bet I'm ready to also. Let's chat, send me a message or an email and let's get to know each other a little better!

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