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She just disappeared

Scrolling through Instagram one morning, I noticed that someone I usually saw a lot of posts from had suddenly just…disappeared.

I looked for the account, and nothing came up; I tried to see if a new name was using any of the hashtags they used, and there was just nothing. Then I saw other followers posting about this oddity too.

No one seemed to know what happened to this influencer account. Weeks later, suddenly, they popped back up and said their account had been suspended due to a hacker doing a bunch of things that are not allowed, and they had no way of letting followers know.

They lost weeks of income from contracts they couldn't fulfill. They lost thousands of followers due to the issues caused.

They also learned a valuable lesson that I hope you have already learned.

You don't own your social media account or the followers there. You don't own the content you post on your social media accounts. YOU are not in control of your social media. The platform is. They control your account, and they can make you disappear whenever they choose.

This is one of the BIGGEST reasons email marketing is more valuable and necessary than social media.

This is why you need an email/newsletter list.

That list of people that have intentionally OPTED-IN to your newsletter is eager to hear from you. They are invested. They want to be here, and they are paying attention.

You market to your email list first, then tease things out to your social media. Use social media to build the email list. This way, you have a way of communicating with your dedicated followers when social media fails you. Those days when the app is down, the links aren't working, the sound is glitchy, or…your account goes dark.

Need ideas on how to get people on your email list? Need some strategy for your email marketing? Not sure how to set up email marketing and what it means?

I gotchu.

Flodesk is the platform I use, and most of my clients use it for email marketing.

Here's a link that gives you 50% off your Flodesk enrollment!

I offer a package to get you set up, and get a nurture series put together, and I will set everything up for you and start.

Invest in the security of your marketing before your account disappears.

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