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Did you know this about hotdogs?

“Did you bring the hotdogs?” I asked.

“Sure did!” Grandpa replied.

We had just arrived at the local pond that sat at the bottom of the sledding hill behind the rec center, and my sister and I were going fishing with my Grandma and Grandpa.

We always used hotdogs as bait. Yep, hotdogs. They would cut it up into tiny little pieces and put them on our hooks and that's what we fished with.

To tell you the truth, I have no idea if that pond was stocked, if we used hotdogs because none of us liked touching worms, or if we used hotdogs because they were cheap and Grandma always had a few packs in the freezer.

It didn't matter to us, we were fishing with our grandparents, and it was one of our favorite things to do in the summer.

If we had been trying to fish for real, though, and actually catch something worthwhile, we would have needed real bait. Something the fish actually want to eat instead of pink goo encased in whatever they encase hotdogs in.

Knowing the right bait to lure in your ideal catch is just as important as knowing which gear you need to use to get them landed in your boat also.

So let's switch 'gears' and talk about your lead magnets and how they attract leads and how you need to have a good way to deliver the lead magnet and then do the work to continue 'reeling' them in.

A lead magnet is anything that attracts the ideal client, gives them a quick win, establishes you as an expert they can trust, and starts a relationship of building and nurturing that trust. Ultimately leading to them spending money with you.

Lead magnets are how you build your email list, get people excited about what you're doing, and help them get to you and your business. Make sure you have lead magnets to offer that are serving a purpose and attracting your ideal client.

If you're not sure about that all and you're still fishing with hotdogs and trying to land a Marlin…let's talk

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