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Transitions into life skills

I'm in a season of transition and resetting my mind and body, and it's the perfect time of year for that. You have heard about this if you follow me on social media, it's all good things, but it's change nonetheless, and that means your body and mind are a little hesitant.

I'm learning all about that in a book I'm currently enjoying, How To Do The Work, it's a great book that challenges you in all the tough love kind of ways. I have a friend and coach with the most killer growth-centered reading list, and I am slowly working through it.

I'm interested in hearing how you do growth learning. Do you read books, take courses, hire a coach of some kind, or work through a program…tell me what works for you.

You can find people in your network that can offer these services or find them online. If you offer a unique service that translates into a life skill, why not offer it as a gift option for your followers?

  • Nutrition and fitness coaching

  • Wellness Coaching

  • Cooking Classes

  • How to Care for your Car

  • Making and Keeping a Budget

  • How to put together a business plan

  • Establishing Credit as a young adult

  • How to Plan to buy your first home/vehicle/investment

  • Self Care and Mindset Training

  • The possibilities are endless!

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