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The scene in the other room made me nervous

I was in the living room rocking my niece “Nugget”, and her older sister “Chicken” was in the dining room directly on the other side of the wall next to me.

Chicken was having her lunch while I got her sister to sleep for a nap, and then I heard her gasp and said, “Oh No!”. I asked her what happened, and she said, “I spilled my juice!”

I am now picturing juice all over the table where books, drawings, and paintings from the morning were scattered and juice dripping off the table and in front of her.

I asked, “is it a big spill or a little spill?” (I was getting the 9-month-old to sleep, so I was trying to stay put for a few more minutes) Her answer: “A BIG spill!”

Ok, I'm up now with a baby in my arms to check it out!

I walked into the dining room fully expecting a disaster, although I didn't actually hear her spill, which was odd.

Y'all, this precious Chicken had knocked over a cup with a lid on it (as most 4-year-olds use), and a drop the size of a pea had leaked out onto the table.

A learning moment ensued to teach her the difference between “big and small” and some reassurance that spills happen, and it's ok, nothing to worry about.

Accidents happen; that's just part of life. The bigger point I learned here is things are not always what they seem. I was expecting a HUGE mess and a very upset toddler; instead, it was a tiny little nothing and a toddler expecting a HUGE reaction from me for spilling.

I hope you can be as gentle on yourself as I was with her and remind yourself of these things when the next accident happens to you.

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