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Who Is Courtney?

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I'm Courtney, and I help entrepreneurs find the energy to enjoy their businesses when they hire me to write and create the content they need so they get more work/life balance, joy, and growth.

I do this through copywriting and content creation collaborations that take the skills I have honed through various training programs and time spent working with entrepreneurs to remove those tasks from their lists and give them back joy and time. 

Being a "Jill of all trades" has enabled me to understand most of the tasks and needs of any business. I never thought working various jobs would pay off, but it has helped me slip into different companies and create the content needed easily and quickly. 

My clients often remark that they can't believe I was able to find the voice of their brand and the pain points of their audience and then write copy that resonates with that audience and genuinely sounds like it came from them! 

My process is easy, in-depth, and reasonably quick; the best part is, once we start working together and I get to know your business, I can create consistent content for you. In addition, I help you visualize growth opportunities and content ideas that you may still need to realize! 

If you're looking for website copy, bio pages, service guides, product descriptions, sales pages, checkout pages, newsletters, nurture sequences, sales emails, social media captions, or other pieces of copy...I'm ready to help you! 

Writing for your business shouldn't feel like a late-night high school project for you and makes you break out in a sweat and gets your heart racing (in a bad way); take a deep breath and let me handle it! 

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